Chief Minister of Nagaland was born in November, 1916 at Viswema village of Kohima District, studied in Mission Middle School, Kohima, Government High School, Shillong (Assam) and graduted in St. Edmund’s Collage, Shillong in 1951: married Miss Razoulhou in 1949 and four sons and two daughter: join Royal Indian Air Force in 1942 and served upto 1946: join Naga National Council (N.N.C): later taught in John Institute School, Viswema till 1951, was Principal, Naga High School, Kohima from 1953 to 1956: imprisoned on two occasions ( 1956-57): was Vice President of Naga Peoples Convention (1957-1960): elected Member of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly (1964): was leader of the opposition till the opposition resigned enblock after the cease fire agreement of 1964: appointed an emissary to go to London for peace talk with Mr. A.Z. Phizo (1967): elected Chairman of Special Committee of Naga Public Conference fter breakdown of Peace Talks (1965): led a delegation to Delhi.

Elected member of the Third Nagaland Legislative Assembly on United Democratic front Ticket (1974): was Chief Minister till the Ministry was toppled (1975): declared elected uncontested in the Fourth General election from the same 15, Souther Angami II Legislative Assembly Constituency.