CM T.R. Zeliang message for Naga Day observed on 10th Jan 2018

Message of Shri T.R.Zeliang, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Nagaland, for Naga Day being observed on 10th January, 2018.

​It was the tenth of January 1929, when Nagassubmitted the memorandum to the Simon Commission which marked the birth of our political journey as a people. Our history of political struggle has taken us through years of turmoil and suffering but we have survived together as a people. Let us realise that we need to work for peace and solution.

​I appreciate and laud the Forum for Naga Reconciliation for organising this Naga Day and bringing all Nagas across borders together to reiterate our unity as Nagas.

​The Government of Nagaland is committed to work for peace and pave the way for an early solution. I welcome all Nagas to the Capital Kohima, not only those from the state but beyond who havecome to celebrate our Naga Day. This is the first month of a brand new year. Let us step into a change of mindset with positive energy and remove all negativity from our lives. If we seriously want solution, let us walk the straight path and talk to the Government of India in all earnestness. It is because of the opposition less government today that we have been able to adopt resolutions for solution and peace, both inside and outside the State Assembly. When all the Legislators and MPs are for an early solution, the church leaders and the public should also extend their whole hearted support for a lasting solution to the Naga Issue. For Nagas, this is the best opportunity as no Prime Minister in the country has taken the Naga Issue as seriously as our present Prime Minister ShriNarendra Modi. Therefore, It is time for Nagas to take the right decision for peace and an early solution at the right time otherwise, if we delay the process, one day we may blame one another with regret.

​My dear Nagas do not hesitate to shout for peace at the top of your voice. Peace is our destination and we must not pass on this unresolved political situation to the younger generation. I believe every right thinking peace loving citizen will support such movements for peace and reconciliation. Hence adopting resolutions for peace in this kind of gathering will send the right message to the outside world. We can change our world if we are united in purpose and peace and make it a better place to live in. As leaders, we are all chosen by the people themselves and we are committed to work for the welfare of the people. Therefore, it is expected of the people to also respond in the true spirit of democracy. The principle that should guide our actions is the paramount interest of the people and not vested political interest. This is a testing time for the Naga people as well as the Government of India and we must work in unison at this crucial time. The whole system of governance needs to be revamped and I am sure that solution to the Naga political problem will usher new thinking and better initiatives for a new chapter not only in our struggle and history, but better governance and accountability.

​The second letter to the Collective Leadership of the NSCN(K) has been dispatched two days ago appreciating their participation in the Peace dialogue with the Government of Myanmar and at the same time, making an appeal to them to re-consider their stand and revisit the Ceasefire agreement with the Government of India and join the peace process. I sincerely hope that they will acknowledge my letter with positive response and understand the desire of their Naga brethren for peace in our lands.

​I wish all Nagas gathered here a true experience of the spirit of peace and reconciliation.May God Almighty bless the efforts for unity and bring us safe to Our rightful destination.

Kuknalim and God Bless you all!