pic of vamuzo
Mr. Vamuzo was first elected to the State Legislature in 1969 General Election as a UDF Member from Chozuba Constituency, re-elected from the same Constituency in 1974 General Election and subsequently appointed Minister incharge of P.W.D.

In 1977 General Election, he was again elected from the same constituency as a UDF Member and appointed Cabinet Minister in-charge of Finance, REvenue, Industries and Commerce and Election. In 1982 General Election Mr. Vamuzo again returned to the august House and subsequently elected Leader of Opposition.He was again elected to the Assembly in the General Elections of 1987 and again elected leader of the opposition. He however, failed to return in the 1989 General elections. In the wake of two successive political crises in the State Legislature Mr Vamuzo was sworn-in as Chief Minister of JLP Ministry on 19.06.1990. He was to seek election within six months. Meanwhile Mr Kewezii Kenye vacated his 17 Chizami Assembly Constituency seat in favour of Vamuzo, Election was scheduled to be held on 19.11.1990. However he was declared elected un-opposed. Again with installation of NPC Ministry on 06.12.1990, he continued as Chief Minister.

Born in 1938, he had his early education at Govt. High School, Chozuba, Kohima and St. Edmund’s College, Shillong. In 1964, he graduated from Wilson College, Bombay and later obtained his LLB degree from Govt. Law College in Bombay.

A keen footballer and Sportsman, Me. Vamuzo has represented many Schools in various tournaments and once broke the existing record in one mile race in Upper Assam Sports meet in 1955. He had also served the students’ community in various capacities and at one time was convenor of Naga Students Federation.
Married in 1967, he has three sons and three daughters.